Christchurch Product Photographer

Christchurch product photographer Anthony Turnham specialises in first rate product photography.  Whatever you’re selling SNAP! Photography can shoot it with maximum customer appeal.

We excel in making your product photography look fantastic.  We understand the importance of showcasing your product in the best light possible (no pun intended), to ensure its appeal is translated to your customer.  We utilise the finest product photography techniques making sure your widget, watch, woollen top or water bottles look amazing.

Product photography of glass shelves

Our Simple Product Photography Process

  • CONSULTATION: Let’s have a quick discussion so you can tell us a bit about the product.  When we know what the important features are and how they benefit your customer we can get to work on solving the best ways to photograph your product.

  • SEND US THE PRODUCT(S): We are based just outside Christchurch but we receive products from throughout New Zealand.  Send us a clean, unblemished version of your product and we’ll take it from here.

  • PHOTOSHOOT: We shoot your product at our photography studio to ensure we can control all aspects of the image and produce stunning results for you.  The product photography is carried out with state of the art camera and lighting equipment at our studio.

  • RETOUCHING: As standard we provide basic retouching to make sure key image post production has been carried out.  This involves perfecting contrast, colour accuracy, and minor blemish removal and clear cutting (putting the product onto a clear background) if necessary.  More intensive post production work can be carried out upon request.

  • UPLOAD: The product photography is uploaded digitally for you to use.

Retail Product Photography

winter jacket product photography

We undertake retail photography and product photography in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.  We would love to hear about your business and the products you sell.

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Product Photography for Heatrite NZ

Our product photography takes what is important about your product and showcases it to your potential customers.

On-site Product Photography

Product Photography of staircase

Occasionally it may not be practical to shoot your business product photography in our studio and we will have to come to you.  That’s fine if that’s the case.  In the photos above showcasing some fine craftsmanship in a floating staircase by Hagley Joinery we evidently needed to go on site for the shoot.  If you require an onsite photoshoot of your product please get in touch to discuss further.

Product Photography of earmuffs for Lynn River

The product photography above is a good example of clear cutting an image.  This popular product photography technique is where the product is removed from it’s background and shown cleanly on a perfectly white background.  In retail photography this gives a nice clean image and easily allows for avertising copy (text) to go next to the photo.  Without a distracting background the product photography can be seamlessly integrated into catalogues, online shops and point of sale advertising.

Product photography for elite hardware

Big or small, we can photograph your product at its best.  These handles, knobs and hardware were part of a full retail catalogue produced for Elite Hardware, New Zealand’s leading premium handle supplier.

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